84-141 Jurata
ul. Ratibora 16
tel.:  48 58 675 21 28
tel. /mobil.  48 782 601 600




Holiday House Helunia was built in the 1920s. Now it is a monument, where you can rest peacefully, without haste, in a cosy and blissful atmosphere. You can also relax in an extensive garden. Hosts and whole staff will certainly help satisfy all needs of our guests.

"At the given moment the waves rose up and surfaced a young, charming girl. (...) - Do not be afraid - (...) said in a melodious voice - I am the queen of the water. (...) They call me Jurata. "

The newly formed seaside resort is named Jurata, in honor of the queen, Slavic goddess of the sea, who fell in love with the poor fisherman. God Gork, her father, became furious with them and crashed her underwater palace made of amber. The fragments of the palace have been thrown by the sea for many centuries up till now.

Let the charming legend tell us about the mysterious past.


Looking now at the bustling Jurata, it is hard to imagine that at the beginning of last century there was nothing here, except pine forest, dunes and sandy road leading to Hel. In 1928 the wealthy industrialists established a Joint Stock Company "Jurata”, taking into consideration specific advantages of climate and landscape.

A company, having a government licence, leased 150 hectares of state land on the Hel Peninsula and began building a great resort on an European scale. Poland has not had a sea resort yet.

In the advertising folder it can be read: "(...) constant temperature is in the town much milder thanks to the forests, which protect against the wind, than even in Gdynia and Warsaw, and the entire sea coast. Big difference can be observed in Jurata in the number of days with high isolation (a measure of solar radiation energy received on a given surface area in a given time).

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